Changing Formats… again.

It’s Sunday this first of July I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. My iMap is telling me we have a chance at thunderstorms tomorrow and I am going to hope for rain. I am working on this new blog today, going through emails, and planning out the week. It was wonderful being at the market yesterday and we were thrilled to see the excitement from Jennifer Fry’s purple figs. We are gracious from all the support we have received from the community.

This will be the third blog platform I attempt because the last two have been failures. I hope that WordPress will be my “third time is the charm”. I do have a very good feeling about this website, but I am just learning how to use it. I am going to watch the tutorial videos so that I can utilize it to it’s fullest. I hope that I can start getting pictures up from the previous blogs as it is very enjoyable to watch the progression of hard work.

I received an email from Irrigation Direct and our drip system order is on its way. As soon as the order is received, installing it this week will be a priority. We are doing our best to reduce our water consumption with the creation of two hugelkultur beds and the implementation of the drip irrigation system.

Our phenomenal Denton Community Market organizer, Kati, gave me a wonderful tip on how to organize saved seeds. I had been saving seeds in a very poorly organized fashion and usually forgetting what they were due to zero labeling. Also, my drying methods were poor on somethings that I generated mold. I will be starting over with better organization and a designated area for seed drying then storage. Kati has been saving seeds for a few years and uses a parts container with a numbered catalog to keep track. I will be fabricating something similar so that I may have a successful system.

I will be voicing my opinion to encourage the city to refain from spraying for mosquitos in our area as we feel this will taint our produce with the chemicals Sumithrin and Prallethrinand, this is the last thing we want to share with others to consume. We want to thank Kevin Roden for his vote on the issue.

I received an email from a market goer for a wonderful recipe that she used on our bush marrow squash. Thank you Katalin, we will be trying it ourselves.

Thank you Denton Community again for all your support we want to keep going. We hope to have a great harvest for you next Saturday. You better get their early if you want some of Jenifer’s figs!

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