We hope to see you at Twilight Tunes this Thursday at 6.

It was a beautiful cloud covered day this Monday, July 2nd, 2012. We got a few sprinkles today and yesterday evening which we are thankful for. We look forward to more water and receiving our drip irrigation package in the mail. Due to the cloud cover we got to look around during the day and evaluate placement of our sprouting seedlings. We harvested this morning, removed a few non-productive plants, and received more support from our wonderful community. We will strive to be even more productive tomorrow.

This mornings harvest was very productive. I must harvest the okra daily as they grow so fast, if I miss one it will become too fibrous for an enjoyable consumption. I harvested many of our heirloom Rose tomatoes. I like to remove them as soon as I see the slightest sign of pink so that insects and other critters are not enticed by the ripening fruit. We have been having some issues with blossom end rot on our large tomatoes. Matt and I don’t mind cutting that part away and we use the affected tomatoes for personal consumption. I also harvested some cherry Golden Nugget tomatoes and I put them into the compost pile if they have blemishes. I have bitten into one that a worm had made its home, it was not pleasant. It has been a very good week for our Rose tomato plants.

Our cucumber production has slowed tremendously. I have to keep a very close eye on these plants as squash beetles are ruining their skin and rendering them inedible. I removed 3 plants that were very sad looking. These will be replaced by one of the new seedlings that is sprouting from a starter tray. Which plant has yet to be decided.

Very important and exciting news! On Thursday, this week, July 5, 2012, we have been invited to be a vendor for Twilight Tunes. Denton will be competing for Best of the Road’s Most Fun Small Town in American competition and the Travel Chanel will be filming. So please come out and support all of our local vendors. A huge thank you to a fantastic trainer, nutritionist and dear friend Tony Paradis at Food and Fitness. He has featured us on his website. His private studio is located in Flower Mound. We would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in fitness and nutrition.

Tomorrow I hope to harvest more so that we can have enough to showcase at Twilight Tunes and provide produce for our friends at this Saturdays market. The support we have been receiving is encouraging to expand and work harder. Thank you for keeping us going. We love what we are doing.

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