We used our homemade insect repellant.

It’s a full moon this July 3rd and we did some work in the garden. We removed non-productive plants, sprayed a homemade insect repellant, made a test transplant, and harvested more for Thursday.

We removed all the cucumbers from this patch as they were no longer producing healthy fruit. Left here are cosmic purple carrots and butternut squash. The used up cucumbers were placed on our new compost pile, and the mulch was moved to a different area to hold moisture in around pan squash seedlings that are coming up.

Right now, we are losing the war over our garden between us and the insects. We have grasshoppers, squash beetles, and cucumber beetles. We sprayed our homemade garlic soap spray composed of 3 fresh minced garlic cloves soaked in water, we added pure-Castile soap and diluted this mixture with more water. We sprayed on the leaves. The garlic is a sent and taste deterrent as is the soap as well as a difficult surface to maneuver on. I (Andrea) am an expert at catching insects, particularly grasshoppers, and have been keeping up practice. I am removing the grasshoppers from their feeding cycle and placing them into a decomposition cycle.

We transplanted a young Rose tomato plant into a hugelkultur bed to test to see if it does well. Four pepper plants were also transplanted into spaces of garden then mulched in. We removed some bush marrow plants to make room as these plants aren’t very productive, however I did find one shapely and beautiful squash.

This evening we went over to Jennifer Fry’s house and helped her collect more figs from her bountiful tree. We left there with 7 large zip lock bags full. We are very excited to sell them this Thursday. These figs are beautiful and delicious.

The garden is constantly changing. Many life cycles have taken place in this short amount of time, and many more will come. Nothing is wasted in the garden and all efforts are rewarded. There is a place for everything in the garden, we just can’t let it get out of control.

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