Twilight Tunes was a great success!

We were at Twilight Tunes with many others this Thursday, July Fifth. We got to meet many new people and hope that we will have new market goers Saturday morning. In the garden we watered and harvested some tomatoes, okra and squash. The package from Irrigation Direct arrived and we will be installing it soon.

From 5:30pm  until 8:30pm we were selling our Rose tomatoes, Millionaire okra, purple figs, Anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, butternut squash and cantaloupe on the square. It was wonderful to meet many new people and learn new ideas about gardening, marketing, and food preparation. The music was fabulous, but we wouldn’t expect any less from Denton.

Our package from Irrigation Direct came in and Friday we will be working on completing our drip line irrigation system for the garden. There are so many benefits to this type of irrigation. It will take less manual labor time to water and we won’t have to be tiptoeing around every plant with the water hose. The drip prevents splash back on the plants and will reduce incidences of problems such as blight on tomato plants. Keeping water off the leaves will help insect repellant be more affective for longer as to not wash it away.

Again we hope to see many of the new faces out on Saturday July 7th on Carroll and Mulberry. We will be having plenty of figs as we have been invited to utilize another source via our market coordinator Kati. In fact it will be mostly figs as we sold our typical Saturday Market harvest today. I am sure there will be plenty of organic and local produce from the other farmers who participate in the market. Thank you for shopping local and supporting our economy!

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