A Fig Harvest

We are getting ready for tomorrow’s market this Friday the sixth of July. We have fruit to harvest, and the market and company to prepare for.

This weekend our family is coming to stay with us from Lubbock and Houston. We have plenty of work for them to help us with.

We purchased brown paper sacks for our produce so that there will be no worries about BPA. I thank The Fat Rat for voicing concerns so that we can satisfy justifiably concerned customers. I would much rather use paper than plastics for bagging.

Chris and Gigi helped us pick two different varieties of figs this evening to sell tomorrow morning. We believe the small brown sweet figs from Kati’s sisters house to be are Celeste and the medium sized purple figs from Jennifer’s house are possibly Texas Overbearing.

Drip line installation has been pushed back due to our time constraints and we will not have much of our gardens produce this week as we sold a lot of it on Thursday.

Thank you for your support in reading this. See you tomorrow morning.

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