Market Day

It was a warm Saturday at the market and we were glad to see the people who were able to handle the heat. I’ve checked the weather and we should be getting some perspiration starting tomorrow. We need the rain and a break from the heat. It was wonderful as always at the market, it’s the highlight of our week to see and talk with everyone Saturday mornings.

The bands were fantastic, we really enjoyed PurlSnapShirts and will continue to as we picked up Jeff’s Room ep in exchange for some peppers and tomatoes. We love trading because it feels so much like sharing!

We got some great tips from marketeers for fig uses:

  1. Putting figs on the grill cut in half has been said to bring out more of the sweet flavor.
  2. Preserves can be made with a thinly sliced lemon about a cup of sugar per pound of figs.
  3. Figs with parmesan cheese has been said to be a nice treat.
  4. Figs eaten raw.
  5. Dried Figs

In the garden we want to plant Arugula as we have been informed that it grows year round and is an excellent green to grow in our climate.

We made some excellent contacts today and look forward to getting in touch with these people and working on new projects with them.

Thank you Gigi, Chris, and Dad for helping us set up and sitting in the heat for so long. We’re glad we got to share the market with you and are happy we had such a good time together.

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