Making A Compost Tea

Today we got a truckload of Dyno Dirt Lite from The Water Utilities Department, made our own compost tea, and made a mid-week fig harvest.

Dyno Dirt

We are planing on building raised beds and will be using Dyno Dirt from the Water Utilities department. For more info on Dyno Dirt visit the cities website. Be sure to check the times to see when the water utilities department is open for collecting Dyno Dirt

Homemade compost tea

We’ve read that compost tea is very affective in transporting nutrients into the plant faster than dry compost. It is an excellent media for beneficial microbial and fungi, as well as building soil diversity. How we made our compost tea:

1. 15 gallons of water
2. 4 handfuls of Dyno Dirt (In sock)
3. 2 handfuls of Jobes Organic Veg and Tomato (In sock)
4. 4 tablespoons Maxicrop
5. 4 tablespoons of molasses

Fill bucket with 15 gallons of filtered water. Place air stone diffuser in bottom of bucket and plug into air pump. Make bubbles. Stuff Dyno Dirt (2) and dry fertilizer (3) in a sock. Tie the sock closed. Drop sock into 15 gallons of water. Measure wet ingredients (4,5) into water. Bubble air stone in tea for +24 hours. Use diluted as foliar feed to spray on the leaves or dilute to water plants.

We picked a lot of delicious figs from Jennifer’s house and harvested what we believe to be the Celeste variety from a tree near South Lakes Park. Wear gloves when harvesting figs, it can get very sticky.

We like to use Dyno Dirt as it supports the cities recycling program and is an ideal local source for soil. This is the first time we are using this compost tea recipe and we will let you know if it works well or not. We will have to pick figs again this Friday evening before Saturday’s market because they grow fast this time of year.

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