Micro Greens

We are enjoying this perfect gardening weather. The time to plant for fall harvest is now. The chicken tractor is now functional but we are still adding features to it. We hope to have a crop of micro greens available at the market on September 1st.

It is the time to transplant and to seed the fall crop. We moved Radishes, tomatoes, tomatillos, oregano, carrots, and basil into our raised keyhole hugelkultur bed as well as planted arugula, red butterhead lettuce, and basil seeds.

The chicken tractor is almost complete. All she needs is some paint on the hutch to be more resistant to weathering, a few perches, some nesting boxes in the hutch, and we will finish attaching the wheels to have her moving this afternoon.

Micro greens are a crop that are very similar to sprouts, but they are a few days older. We hope to have our first harvest of micro greens ready for the market on Saturday, September 1st. The selection of seeds we are growing contain; mizuna (a Japanese mustard green), cabbage, kale and kohlrabi (a mild cabbage).​ This is a mild mix that will be good on sandwiches, in salads, as garnish, or a raw snack.

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Please enjoy the rest of the day!

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