Fertilize and Keep Alive

When will this heat wave break? We are hoping soon. In the dry heat we are being sure to keep the soil moist and cool. We have started gardening a new plot at a friends residence and are preparing the soil for a fall garden.

We have lost a few crops to this heat wave (spinach didn’t do well in the ground this week) but others are thriving. The pea plants are growing taller as are the corn. Our Asian Greens, all star lettuce, and Arugula have developed their first true leaves. We have been watering every morning to prevent the tender crops from drying out. Keeping an especially close eye on the shallow micro green trays, which need misting 3 or more times a day. Hugelkultur beds are very efficient at retaining water and keeping temperate root system as seen in their lush growth.

Our friends have moved into a house with a garden present. We are helping them so that  it produces food for the fall. To prepare the garden we weeded, and turned the beds with rock dust (to increase mineral content), Medina Growing Green (kelp meal, pasteurized poultry manure, and green sand), Organic Hummus and Manure.

Fertilizing and manuring encourages the plants to produce more blooms and make larger fruit. We use a homemade compost tea so the plants can take up the nutrients with ease.

We have also began sprouting seeds, Alfalfa and a Grain mixture. If everything goes well we should have the Grain mixture available for sale on Saturday. We are having to tweak our methods as we go to learn the best way to grow with what we have.

We are very much looking forward to the final heatwave of summer and the beginning of fall on September 22nd. In the mean time we are keeping things alive and well nourished. They seem to be happy and we are delighted to share the produce and gardening with others.

One thought on “Fertilize and Keep Alive

  1. I really think what you guys have going on here and I would like to exchange some of our premium, certified sustainable wild alaskan salmon or halibut for some of your fresh produce.
    Let me know if you are interested

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