We’ve been looking into and practicing some biodynamic methods of gardening, which may go one step past organic in wholesomeness. As biodynamic methods have a spiritual connection to encouraging plant growth. Biodynamics takes into account; astrological placements under the conception that the cosmos reflects itself on the earth and expresses itself in the life that springs forth, so time at which preparations are taken to ward off pests and encourage more vigor in cultivated species may increase effectiveness.

We wouldn’t label our produce biodynamic, or organic because we would first need investigation and testing. Also we aren’t the types to encourage government authorities to inspect the details of all dealings. It is our belief to appeal to, and earn the trust of our customers by doing the best we can with what we have to create fresh and unadulterated produce. We would like our market base to know their farmer and be free to ask any questions and share any concern. We strive to give transparency of the food we want to share with you. We would value highly our backyard produce over anything that came from 100s of miles away, because it is ours and we know what’s on it and where it came from. It grew where we grow and lives with us. Love is in this food. Matt and Andrea tend these plants every morning. We physically touch them with bare hands and consciously praise them for their beauty and bounty. We serve as their protectors as we attempt to rescue them from destructive pests. We find great importance in being connected to what feeds us.

In our biodynamic practices we are paying attention to the moon phase and sign. Being aware that root crops should be planted in the waning phase of the moon and above ground crops in the waxing phase. The moon phase is split into quarters (new moon, 2nd quarter, full moon, 4th quarter) for more specific chores to be more affective during times of greater influence. Every 2-3 days the moon cycles through a different sign that is correlated to an animal (zodiac), body parts, elements, and planetary influence.

  • Aries – ram, head, fire, Sun
  • Taurus- bull, neck, earth, Venus
  • Gemini- twins, arms/chest, air, Mercury
  • Cancer- crab, breast, water, Moon
  • Leo- lion, heart, fire, Sun
  • Virgo- virgin, bowels, earth, Mercury
  • Libra- scales, kidneys, air, Venus
  • Scorpio- scorpion, loins, water, Mars
  • Sagittarius- archer, thighs, fire, Jupiter
  • Capricornus- goat, knees, earth, Saturn
  • Aquarius- waterman, legs, air, Uranus
  • Pisces- fish, feet, water, Neptune

For my current, very basic, knowledge I constantly reference; the Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac, A 2012 Seasonal Gardening Guide, Astrological Gardening by Louise Riotte, and Agriculture Course by Rudolf Steiner. So that I may know the indicators of influence for each species. The farmers almanac online is an invaluable source of information on the subject.

Today we are under the barren sign of Leo, striking in the heart, during a particularly destructive moon phase (4th quarter), the death of the old moon, and I have collected cucumber beetles in a jar with alcohol. I am going to burn them into ash and sprinkle them over my veggies to deter these species from returning. This will be my first biodynamic preparation and I am enthusiastic to take note of it’s effects.

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