Our goal is to create healthy wholesome natural food in a waste free ecosystem. By doing so, we will nourish the soil and create well rounded produce. This plan will contribute to a sustainable food system that reduces the need for imports and enhances the local economy. We found that the best place to start was in our backyard. If you have any specific questions please leave a comment or email us at dbyfarms@live.com.

Urban Farmers


My family background is rooted in art, logic, mechanics, architecture, science, spirituality, and liberty. I wish to live in a society free from force, fraud, coercion, and intend to channel positivity into my worldly activities. I enjoy working with nature, and producing wealth from its natural cycles. I enjoy the challenge of producing fruits, roots and fungi, as well as raising animals. I expect to feed many mouths in my journey through life. I desire a closer relationship with the earth and all it’s inhabitants. We want to bring back natures cycles to farming, and help establish local, high production, organic farms in the place of petrol-monoculture farms.


I hope to participate in a community that is healthy, happy, self-sustaining, and contributes to a thriving local economy. I strive to grow, and distribute food that will be wholesome, natural, and nourishing to the soul


I enjoy long hikes in the woods, playing with other dogs, chasing kitties, and laser lights.

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